Mid-year PTA Membership Drive

If you haven’t joined the PTA this year, it’s not too late!

As a matter of fact, we miss you and we need you! Half the year is over, but we need you more than ever. We’re only half way to our goal for membership this year, but good news we have half the year left to make our goal. Your volunteer hours and your membership dues of only $10 make a BIG difference in meeting our annual goals to support Northside.

When everyone joins the PTA, those dues add up! From the minimum $10 dues, $6 goes directly to Northside PTA, and $4 goes to the State PTA.

What Does Northside PTA Fund? Northside PTA funds cultural arts programing, teacher grants for classrooms, the learning garden, field trips, teacher professional development, and more…

What Does North Carolina PTA Advocate For? North Carolina PTA leaders study state and local education issues carefully, and North Carolina PTA has supported several major priorities and positions designed to improve schools for all children throughout North Carolina. Local units and councils of North Carolina PTA also work on issues that are specific to their local schools.

Two easy-peesy ways to join!

  • Send it back in your Monday folder. Pay with cash or check by sending it in with the form that comes home in your Monday folder.

Don’t delay! Join the PTA today!