PTA Recruitment:  2018-19 Academic Year

Elected Positions

At the beginning of their terms (July), the executive board (PTA Board) will meet to set the calendar and discuss the division of labor regarding major PTA events.  The Board will collaborate and construct a plan to offer support to all PTA committees. Board members are expected to attend at least two-thirds of PTA general meetings.

President (1 position)

  • Serves as member of the PTA Board and leads the work of the PTA, representing the Board and general membership.
  • Presides at all meetings of the PTA Board and general membership.
  • Participates in the organization and direction of activities planned by the PTA.
  • Liaises with school administration to set annual calendars and co-plan events.
  • Seeks to ensure that all staff, students, parents and guardians can be contributing members of the PTA.
  • Requires approximately 10-12 hours per month, depending on the time of year and level of PTA activity.

Vice-President (up to 2 positions)

  • Serves as member of the PTA Board and performs duties requested by the president and the board of directors.
  • Assumes temporary duties of president in the event of a vacancy in the office of president.
  • Promotes school activities, recruits volunteers, and assists committee chairs in promoting and managing their events.
  • Requires approximately 5-6 hours per month, depending on the time of year and level of PTA activity.

Secretary (1 position)

  • Serves as member of the PTA Board.
  • Attends PTA board and general membership meetings and records meeting minutes and attendance rosters.
  • Seeks approval of meeting minutes at membership meetings and posts final minutes to the PTA websites.
  • Requires approximately 2-3 hours per month.

Treasurer (1 position)

  • Serves as member of the PTA Board.
  • Maintains custody of PTA funds collected, raised, received as contributions or otherwise acquired and belonging to the PTA.
  • Keeps a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures, co-signs PTA checks, and develops and presents financial statements at every meeting of the PTA Board and general membership.
  • Makes disbursements as authorized by the president, executive board, or the general membership and in accordance with the provisions in the annual budget.
  • Maintains books of accounts and records for review by the PTA audit committee monthly.
  • Files relevant federal tax forms at the end of the fiscal year.

Volunteer Positions

Audit Committee (1-2 positions)

  • Responsible for audits and financial reviews described in the PTA bylaws.  Annual audit is completed in July.
  • Requires approximately 2 hours per month.

Concessions Coordinator (1 position)

  • Liaises with PTA Board and school representatives to plan concession sales at selected school events such as dances and festivals.
  • Recruits volunteers to supply and sell concessions as PTA fundraisers at selected school events.
  • Requires approximately 2-3 hours of work, three-four times per academic year.

 Finance Assistant (1 position)

  • Assists the treasurer with various financial matters, including occasional bank deposits.
  • Compiles and submits teacher/staff expense reimbursement forms to the treasurer.
  • Requires approximately 1-2 hours per month.

Grant Writers (2 positions)

  • Responds to relevant grant opportunities as identified by the grant writer or PTA Board.
  • Liaises with teachers and staff as needed to complete grant applications and budgets.
  • Is supported by the PTA Board for final grant opportunity applications.
  • Requires as little or as much time as volunteer can devote.

Grounds Committee (2 positions)

  • Recruits volunteers and schedules grounds beautification days to enhance the appearance of the Northside campus.

 Nominating Committee Chairperson (2-3 positions)

  • Promotes PTA and identifies candidates to serve in volunteer Board and committee support positions for the coming academic year.
  • Requires time commitment in April and May only.

PTA Website Coordinator (1 position)

(No web design experience needed!  Current site is established as a Word Press blog.)

  • Updates and maintains the PTA website with communications from the PTA Board and various committee members.
  • Coordinates with the Northside Technology Specialist to ensure alignment between the school and PTA websites.
  • Requires approximately 2 hours per month.

Read-A-Thon Team Members (4-5 positions)

  • Works as a member of a fundraising team and in coordination with the PTA Board and school.
  • Manages a variety of selected tasks to ensure fundraiser success, including ordering supplies, creating schedules of volunteers, distributing and collecting donation envelopes, promoting events, tabulating winners and awarding prizes.
  • Requires varying time commitments from late November through February. (Team responsibilities are determined based on member time availability – devote the time you can commit.)

School Picture Day Coordinator (1 position)

  • Recruits and coordinates three volunteers to go to classrooms, get students for pictures, and manage the line of children during the pictures.
  • Pictures days are 3 days total:  2 days plus 1 make-up day.

School Yearbook Committee Members (2-3 positions)

  • Partners with the school to promote, sell, and distribute annual school yearbooks as a service to the school and a fundraiser for the PTA.
  • Distributes and collects and manages order forms and works with PTA Treasurer to track funds.
  • Creates a distribution spreadsheet for order forms and organizes and distributes yearbooks by classroom.
  • Requires time in the spring semester and responsibilities may be divided among several volunteers.

Spirit Wear Coordinator (1-2 positions)

  • Works with the PTA Board to determine spirit wear offerings (T-shirts, etc.); manages vendor contract and promotes spirit wear sales.
  • Manages ongoing spirit wear sales and distribution. Includes recruitment of volunteer salespersons for approximately 3-4 school events per year.

Staff/Teacher Appreciation Team (1-2 positions)

  • Manages special events for teacher/staff appreciation luncheon, including set-up, hospitality and clean-up, and coordination of volunteers.
  • Requires time during Staff/Teacher Appreciation Week (in/about April annually).