Fall Garden Day: Oct 1

Calling all who like to dig in the dirt…or break things! We have an exciting fall garden day coming up Sunday October 1st from 1-4 pm!

Among the big projects for that day:

1) Demolishing a wooden frame which currently holds a large basin (which used to be a hydroponics set-up) which we will re-purpose as a small water feature/pond for the garden! (this is the “breaking things” part!)

2) Dig a big hole for the “pond” and install the basin

3) Plant fall vegetables and cover crops in the raised beds

4) Lay out coffee bags and cover the pathways with mulch

This is going to be so much fun! We have a Sign-up Genius list (see link below) for both work volunteers and for wish list items that we hope to fill with gently used donations from YOU! If you cannot attend the garden day, but would like to donate one or more of the items on our wish list, we will gladly arrange to get those from you! (email contact info in the Sign Up Genius)

Please come see the amazing progress that has been made on the garden to date, and be a part of a rewarding and fun project day in our school’s evolving outdoor community “classroom.”