PTA Volunteer Positions

Elected Positions:

At the beginning of their terms, the executive board will meet to set the calendar and discuss the division of labor regarding major PTA events.  The board will collaborate and construct a plan to offer support to all committees. Executive committee members are expected to attend at least two thirds of PTA general meetings.


The president shall preside at all meetings of the general membership and the board of directors. The PTA President shall participate in the organization of activities planned by the PTA.

This volunteer will keep an open line of communication with the executive board and committee chairs and offer support to committee chairs in their endeavors. The president will communicate with the administration in an effort to ensure that all staff, students, and parents have the opportunity to be contributing members of the PTA.


The vice president shall perform duties requested by the president and the board of directors. In the event of a vacancy in the office of president, the vice president shall assume the duties until a new president is elected.

The vice-president will provide support to committee chairs in their endeavors to promote school activities.  The VP will help recruit volunteers and assist committee chairs in promoting their events and offer assistance in implementing their programs and events.  The vice-president will communicate with the president, the principal, and vice-principal regarding events planned for the PTA.


The secretary is primarily responsible for attending all PTA meetings in order to record the meeting minutes; collecting and keeping attendance sheets; seeking and incorporating revisions to the draft minutes; seeking approval of the draft minutes at subsequent PTA meetings; and posting the draft and approved minutes to the PTA website.  These tasks usually take between 3-4 hours per month.


The treasurer shall have custody of the funds collected, raised, received as contributions or otherwise acquired and belonging to the PTA.  The treasurer will keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures and, in accordance with the provisions in the annual budget, shall make disbursements as authorized by the president, executive board, or the general membership.  The treasurer and one authorized person shall sign checks.  The treasurer shall present a financial statement at every meeting of the PTA.  The treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance of books of accounts and records.  The treasurer’s account shall be audited by an auditing committee who must sign a statement of satisfaction at the end of the report.  The treasurer is responsible for filling any required tax forms at the end of the fiscal year.

Volunteer Positions:

Advocacy Committee Chairperson

Develops and organizes meetings, activities and programs to further the goals and purposes of the PTA.  The committee is tasked with improving communications and relationships between school, staff and families on health and educational issues.

Auditing Committee

Responsible for audits and financial reviews described by the bylaws.  The audit is completed in July.

Back-to-School Social

In August, this volunteer is responsible for reaching out to new families and incoming families of kindergartners and inviting them to a fun event, typically an ice cream social or popsicle party.  This role also includes planning the event, coordinating volunteers, and ordering necessary supplies.

General Fundraising – Amazon, Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, etc.

This volunteer will coordinate several general fundraising programs that are low maintenance –, Harris Teeter VIC card, and Whole Foods gift cards.

Box Tops Coordinator

This volunteer will take the lead with managing the Box Tops program and promoting it throughout the school.  This is a great way to earn FREE MONEY!   Effective ways to spread the word include school wide emails, voicemails, and posters around school.  ***There are usually 2 dates for submission of box tops collected.  This volunteer will communicate with teachers, provide collection envelopes and count all box tops.

Cultural Enrichment

This person will coordinate with school administration to provide students with cultural enrichment programs.  This volunteer will research and obtain school-wide cultural enrichment programs, and be the liaison between the programs and the school.  This person will assist the administration in organizing the assemblies and ensuring that teachers have materials relevant to the programs.

Finance Chair

The finance chair shall assist the treasurer with financial matters.  The total time commitment for this job is 30-60 minutes per month.  This volunteer position involves totaling and submitting teachers’ and administrators’ spending to the treasurer for reimbursement.

Grant Writers

This is an ideal position for someone who is working, as it requires minimal if any time at all at the school.  All work can be done at home.  The position includes applying for suitable grants through the Public School Foundation and other organizations.

Grounds Committee Chairperson

This person shall take the lead with landscaping projects to enhance the appearance of the Northside campus.  Responsibilities include recruiting volunteers and scheduling grounds beautification days.


This person shall encourage people interested in the welfare of our children to join the PTA as well as collect membership dues and coordinate with the treasurer.

Nominating Committee Chairperson

This person is tasked with identifying talented, motivated and responsible individuals to serve as officers, committee chairs, etc.

Northside Family Night Coordinator

This volunteer coordinates Northside Family Night fundraisers at local family friendly restaurants.  These are fun gatherings for the Northside community.  This person is responsible for contacting local businesses, working with the PTA president to select dates on the calendar, and promoting the event via email, fliers, posters, morning announcements, school sign, etc.

Northside Newsletter Chairperson

This volunteer is responsible for developing a timeline and production calendar for 7-8 newsletters for the school year.   It is important to use a template to gather articles, photos, and clip art to put into a 4-8-page newsletter. Editing and formatting is the main piece of work for this person outside of sending reminders before each due date.  Once the newsletter is complete, the final step is to send it as PDF to the school technology specialist and ask the PTA president to have the newsletter sent out as a school wide email.

PTA Council Rep

This person shall attend and summarize meetings of local government and research issues relevant to our children’s welfare.  This volunteer also attends the monthly PTA council meetings.

PTA Thrift Store Rep

This person will attend quarterly meetings with volunteers from other schools and the Thrift Store manager.  This person will need to keep track of how funds from the Thrift Store are spent and report that back to the Thrift Store.  Additionally, this person functions as the parent ambassador, promoting the PTA Thrift Store and continuing to educate and generate interest in it – essentially making the link for families that money spent at the PTA Thrift Store is money coming back to our school.

PTA Website Coordinator

This volunteer will be responsible for updating and maintaining the PTA website.  This person will coordinate with the Technology specialist to ensure that all information is parallel between the PTA website and the school website.

Read-A-Thon Team

The Read-A-Thon team is responsible for coordinating a variety of tasks to help ensure that this fundraiser runs smoothly. Responsibilities include: coordinating all Read-A-Thon activities with the PTA president, arranging for planning of the event, ordering supplies, creating schedules of volunteers, creating a bulletin board in the cafeteria, managing collection of donation envelopes, advertising Read-A-Thon with Northside community and ensuring all prizes are awarded.

Room Parent Coordinator

This volunteer helps distribute PTA information and various school related messages to the room parents for all classrooms.

Scholastic Book Fair Representative

This volunteer will work closely with the Northside librarian to organize the Scholastic Book fairs in the fall and the spring.  This role involves setting up the book fairs, finding volunteers to help out, and helping to break down the books and displays at the end of the fair.

School Picture Day Coordinator

This job involves coordinating 3 volunteers to go to classrooms, get the classes for pictures, and managing the line of children during the pictures.  Pictures days are 3 days total:  2 days plus 1 make up day.

School Sign Coordinator

Helps spread the word and promotes information and messages relating to school events on the Northside sign.

School Yearbook Coordinator/Committee

This person/committee will partner with the school to sell and distribute the yearbooks.  All work performed second half of school year.  In February distribute order forms to the student body for early ordering savings. Also work with website coordinator to ensure order form is available online. Collect and manage order forms and work with treasurer to track funds. Create a distribution spreadsheet for order forms. Organize and distribute yearbooks by class.

SIT Election Coordinator

Requirements for this position are during Feb-early May. At the elementary school level, elections for SIT must be conducted by paper ballots, not electronically. This role involves running the election of the parent representatives for the School Improvement Team (SIT).  In early February, this person will communicate with the existing SIT co-chairs to determine how many parent positions are available. In early March, this person will create (or edit pre-existing) nomination form, copy and distribute it to each of the take-home student folders at NES (PTA budget).Forms should be available as hard copies in the front office, as well as online through the website. Nominations may be submitted electronically to this person or in person through student’s teachers to a designated folder in the front office.  After the nominations are collected, the chair will create a ballot (or edit pre-existing and have it translated if there is time), and will copy and distribute it in accordance to the SIT election policies as designated in the operational framework (usually two ballots per student with a note that if more are needed to contact this person) — and these must be sent home at the same time as (with) the third quarter report cards (mid April). Usually no more than two weeks are given to submit ballots. Then, this SIT election coordinator will count the ballots (with another unbiased (non-SIT member) person) to tally the votes. This coordinator will notify new SIT members of their election to the team.  New SIT members must be elected and notified so that they may attend the last SIT meeting of the school year.

Spirit Wear Coordinator

Helps the community show their school spirit by selling spirit wear.  This volunteer will be in charge of determining what items are offered, managing the orders, and distributing the spirit wear.  This process occurs 3-4 times per year.

Staff Appreciation

This person shall help others on the committee with Teacher and Staff Appreciation events (provide food for special events, help set up, serve, and clean up for the teacher luncheons) and coordinate volunteer coverage. This committee also coordinates events during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Staff Breakfasts

This job involves coordinating volunteers from classes to donate food for staff breakfasts on delayed opening days.  The chair needs to be available at 6:45 in the morning on delayed opening days to set up the breakfast and available to come back for clean up after the event.

Teacher Supply Closet

This person is tasked with obtaining supplies for the teachers and classrooms.  Fliers, e-mails, and use of the newsletter are the tools used to solicit donations.  After supplies are collected, the chair or designee puts the supplies away in the cupboards in the teacher workroom.