Why join the PTA?

What does it mean to join the Northside Elementary PTA? When everyone joins the PTA, those $10 add up!  By joining, your contribution helps fund a variety of endeavors.

Boost Learning Opportunities

The PTA provides resources that create and enhance learning opportunities for students and educators.

Rewards for Teachers and Students

With so much hard work being done at school, the PTA offers events throughout the year that supports our teaching staff and rewards our students for their outstanding effort.

Have Fun

At the end of the day, we are still working with energetic kids, families, and educators that need to have fun. The PTA understands this and organizes activities where teachers and students can play and feel rewarded!

What’s in it for you?

The PTA provides a number of benefits, empowering parents and supporters to contribute to the educational process.


First, you become a part of a group that goes above and beyond what the district provides, doing as much as we can to enhance the learning experience.


Being a PTA member also gives you membership to the North Carolina PTA and National PTA, which offer significant resources to support students, teachers and schools.


You are eligible for all exclusive PTA member benefits and you know your voice is being heard at all levels.

Join the PTA Today!