President’s Report: Reading Superpowers

Happy February, Navigators! Time to get out our Reading Superpowers for the Fifth Annual Read-A-Thon! Beginning February 2 and going through February 11, this is Northside PTA’s biggest fundraiser of the year. The beauty of this fundraiser is that not only does it help our PTA budget, but it also builds strong readers in our children! Our goal this year is for the students to collectively read at least 250,000 minutes and to raise at least $14,000. How do we do that? With your support!

1- Help your child collect reading pledges/donations from friends and family members. Remember that because the PTA is a non profit organization, every dollar donated to this fundraiser is 100% tax deductible, including corporate matches. If you work for a company that offers this program, please utilize it.

Pledges/donations can be made by check, cash, or credit card online. The PTA will also take any spare change you have around your house! Every penny counts!

2- Encourage your child to READ, READ, READ!!! Every minute counts!

More information follows in this newsletter about the Read-A-Thon, and you should have already received an envelope of detailed paperwork and information about the event. Please go through it, read it, and help build excitement at home for this event. The teachers will be revving the children up, helping them boost their minutes read by providing time at school, and getting the children excited to read! Our theme this year is Superhero Readers, and your children have true reading superpowers!

I hope to see you at our Kick-Off event on Friday, February 2 from 6-7:30pm. It is sure to be full of Superhero Reading Fun! Details below.